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How to Care Your Outdoor Furniture

Article | Outdoor Living Direct (March 24, 2017 6:48 am)

Interior furniture requires a lot of care to ensure that they last a long time. This is applicable to outdoor furniture as well, based on the fact that they are exposed to the elements of nature unlike those on the inside. They are more susceptible to damage, hence the reason they should be given special attention. In this article, we’ll look at a few ways you can take care of your outdoor collection.

Clean occasionally

Even though this type of furniture was made specifically for outdoor purposes, it will still need some amount of care to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Despite the durability of the material, over time it will be subject to dirt and grime if not properly taken care of. In the case of outdoor furniture Brisbane for example, the average temperature is approximately 26°C (78°F). This simply means that it’s fairly warm most of the time and this heat along with dirt can give your furniture a dull and grimy look. Mild soap water, a soft brush, and a clean towel will be enough to keep things looking new and this can be done at least once every month.

Check for wearing and tearing

Doing minor inspections of your furniture every now and then is a great idea, especially for outdoor furniture Brisbane. There is a host of things that could go unnoticed in most instances. Take the time to go over each of your outdoor pieces and check for cracks, rusting, loose screws and so forth. It may seem like something to shrug off but it could cause harm in the long run, especially if there’s a loose screw somewhere. This could cause your furniture to collapse and possibly break in half, not to mention the injuries that may follow. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and with that in mind, these little checks should not be sidelined.

Apply varnish

Varnish speaks to wooden furniture in particular and given that several people have a preference for this type of furniture, it should be mandatory that you know how to protect it. Varnishing outdoor furniture Brisbane is a definite advantage for homeowners, given that varnish is able to provide protection against scraping, fading and it also makes them easier to clean.

Use your discretion

There will be times when the weather will change for the worse and you may get some heavy rain or a storm may be passing through. Not because they are pieces of furniture made for the outdoors, this doesn’t mean you should leave them out in weather of that nature. Yes, we can agree that outdoor furniture Brisbane is quite durable, but the fact remains that they aren’t indestructible.