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Wood Used for Outdoor Furniture

Article | Outdoor Living Direct (November 30, -0001 12:00 am)

When choosing wooden outdoor furniture for your patio one important thing to know is that not all wood is suitable material for this type of furniture. Because this furniture is left in the open and exposed to humidity, sun, rain, and other adverse weather conditions you should make sure that the outdoor furniture is weather resistant. If it is not weather resistant, it can decay and rot. If the outdoor furniture you are considering buying does not state if it is weather resistant ask the sales clerk.


This wood is a subtle light wheat color with a straight grain. Redwood is so durable that it can last up to twenty-five years if it is maintained periodically. You will need to maintain it by applying a stain, sealant, and preserver. Redwood is also termite resistant, moisture resistant, and naturally rot resistant. A big plus with using redwood for your outdoor furniture is that you can have many intricate designs carved into the wood because it is considered a soft wood. You could also ask to have specifically hand-carved tables and chairs to make your patio look unique. It is also less expensive than other hardwood like mahogany and teak.

White cedar

This is also a soft wood and ranges in color from an ash white to a light gold color. Although it is high in strength, it is considered a lightweight wood. It is resistant to termites, decay, and other insects. It is weather resistant and will not warp much under extreme humidity. Because it is a soft wood, it can also be hand carved like redwood. As it ages it can attain a grayish white tinge but it you seal the outdoor furniture with a good finish or sealer to prevent this.


This is one of the most durable woods that you can use for your outdoor furniture but it is also the most expensive. Teak is rot and decay resistant. It has a light honey brown color with a straight grain pattern. It is one of the most coveted materials for outdoor furniture because of its durability and hardness. If it is not treated over time, it can turn a dull grayish color when left out in the elements for a long period of time but that will not even distract from the beauty of the teak wood. To maintain the beautiful honey brown color you should brush it with teak oil periodically. Because of its durability, teak outdoor furniture can last over fifty years.

To keep your wooden outdoor furniture looking nice, maintain it periodically.

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