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TimeTec Time Attendance System

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About TimeTec Time Attendance System

Why does my business need a time attendance system?

Time clocks have been used by many Australian businesses in many industries to simplify their payroll, and to improve the accuracy and transparency of their labour workforce data. Businesses can benefit by having a clearer view of their labour force, as it allows managers and business owners to predict their labour costing accurately, thereby increasing profit and efficiency.

What are the benefits of an online time attendance system?

An online time attendance system greatly improves the usability and functionality of the system. Time attendance systems that do not have online functionality are restricted to one location, and the data can not be as easily transported to different departments and individuals requiring instant access to the data from any location. Online time and attendance software has the benefits that businesses that use multiple locations can access all of their data at any location. So when the company executives meet in a boardroom, or when a manager is out in the field, instant real time access to data is just a click away.

What is FingerTec?

FingerTec is a time clock manufacturer that is leading the industry in biometric access. FingerTec began in 2000 with the goal of allowing the public to access biometric technologies that previously only available to governments and multinational organisations. FingerTec time clocks come with fingerprint and facial recognition, which prevents “buddy punching”, thereby allowing accurate data capture. FingerTec is a information technology company at heart so they are always progressing, and looking for advancements in design. New designs that are not just aesthetic improvements or new features to keep the followers happy, but truly revolutionary designs that improve the usability and functionality of their time clocks.

What is

TimeTec is an online time attendance program that reduces the time that human resource departments or individuals need to take on calculating workers time loads and exporting reports. The TimeTec program allows business owners to clearly see how their work force is balancing with their work load. Is money being wasted in individual areas, while other departments are being overloaded. By using the TimeTec system business owners and managers will easily be able to maximise the efficiency and profitability of their business, by optimising their labour force.

What is included in the TimeTec subscription service?

The Timetec subscription service allows small and medium businesses to use the enterprise grade features of the worlds leading time attendance software without the excess costs that maintaining their own server include. Businesses can easily run reports from their data, and then print and ex[port the information, providing full accessibility to data. Employees will easily be able to clock on and off the system by three means, a FingerTec time clock, the web interface or a mobile app on their phone or tablet.
The TimeTec subscription includes complete 26 bit encryption, so that all personnel and financial records are secured by above industry standard protection, leaving you with peace of mind. The hosting is provided by a Sydney based company that provides excellent customer service, and industry leading hosting equipment.

For more information visit the TimeTec website and investigate all of the benefits that a time attendance system can provide for your business.

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